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Water Use and Environment in Japan – Introduction




 Rivers, lakes, groundwater, and sea areas have not only played an important role as the basis of people’s daily lives and industrial activities such as water sources, fisheries, and transportation since ancient times, but also provide a comfortable waterside environment and serve as a place of relaxation. Has also fulfilled the function of. However, with the improvement of living standards and the expansion of industrial activities from the modern age, it has caused a lot of problems to have a great influence on the water environment.
 It is in the natural circulation process where water turns into rain and falls on the ground, is retained in forests, soil and groundwater, flows down rivers, pours into the sea, and evaporates to rain again. Water is supplied as a resource, used many times in various forms, from the precipitation to the rivers and seas, and then returned to the natural circulation path. Water use has a great impact not only on water in this cycle but also on soil and living things. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the amount and quality of water, aquatic life, waterside space, etc., and to take a comprehensive approach to the water environment so that the environmental load associated with water use does not exceed the natural purification capacity.
 This site introduces the sources of water pollution caused by water use in daily life and industry and its pollution mechanism, as well as the technology for conserving the water environment.

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