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編集・管理者 村上 定瞭
Water & Solutions Forum
Dr. sadaaki Murakami
Office: 山口県宇部市



■ This website aims to introduce technologies related to ensuring water safety and environmental protection.
Site managers have been engaged in educational research and technology development related to “water and the environment” for many years. I have also been involved in joint development and technical guidance with industry.
■ The water purification system is composed of various elemental technologies related to physics, chemistry, and biology, and technical development, planning, and maintenance of the system include legal, mechanical, electrical, measurement control, and information communication. Engineering knowledge and practical experience in the field are required. I often experience things that desktop knowledge cannot solve.
■ This website introduces basic knowledge, experimental methods and practical examples, as well as specific key items for technological development and on-site problem solving.
■ In cooperation with the Society for Environmental Technology , we will strive to enhance the content and provide interesting topics.
■ There are many posted contents, such as “Insufficient articles” are incorrect / inaccurate, “Scheduled to be posted (marked with * in the title )”, and “Menu items” are not properly classified.
■ The content posted on this site may be revised, deleted, or modified as appropriate, so please be aware of the date of update .
■ Regarding the “numerical values” posted on this website, in specific tests, design, construction, operation, and maintenance management, they will vary depending on their environment and conditions, so please treat them as reference values.
■ If there are technical developments and issues at the site of the facility, I would like to respond to consultations to the extent possible. Except on-site consultations, consultations via the Internet are free regardless of group or individual. Please feel free to inquiries please.
■ This site also uses the photos and illustrations of others . Also, the citations, utilized articles, materials, photos, and illustrations for each item are listed on each of those pages.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the people, institutions, and companies that provided us.
■ Except for those provided or quoted by other companies or others, the text, diagrams and illustrations posted on this site are free to reprint. It may be used for reports and presentations inside and outside the university / technical college.
■ Through this site, we are deepening our interest and interest in “water”, and we hope that education and research and technological development related to “water” will progress, and that people’s rich lives and industrial development will develop.

Dr. Sadaaki Murakami
Editor of Water & Solutions Forum
(Water Science, Processing and Maintenance)
Office: Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 755-0151, Japan

Posted: 2017/05/05
Updated: 2017/05/28 

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